Friday, June 11, 2010

I Get a Kick Out of This Soccer Commercial

I'm not a big fan of soccer. But with the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted by South Africa beginning today we are going to be saturated with it over the next month.

But one of my favorite commercials was an Adidas ad promoting the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. It consisted of two young boys in a village picking soccer teams using their favorite players with the actual players coming out into the village including David Beckham.

My favorite part of the commercial was when one of the boys picked German soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer. The other boy laughed until he saw Beckenbauer come out looking about thirty years younger. The other players looked at him with a mixture of awe and fearl. A baseball equivalent would be if two boys picked a group of today's All Stars and then one of them picked Willie Mays in his prime.

So yes I do get a kick out of this commercial.

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