Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama: "Petty, Petulant & Tinny"

"But I have never seen Obama look and sound more petty, petulant and tinny."

Are these the words of Rush Limbaugh?


Are these the words of Glenn Beck?


Are these the words of Charles Krauthammer?


These are the words of David Zurawik, the left-wing television critic for The Baltimore Sun. Today, Zurawik writes a scathing assessment of President Obama's interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show:

Obama's big problem isn't that he can't act decisively, can't emote on cue for the cameras, trusts experts too much or that he defers excessively to CEOs. His problem -- and it is starting to look like a genuine fatal flaw -- is that he can't take criticism, particularly from the press, which he seems to have an unnatural and Nixon-like hostility toward. And this interview with Lauer showed that all too clearly.

Now whether this fatal flaw will be fatal to Obama's presidency remains to be seen.

But you can judge the interview for yourself.

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