Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Did Jordan's King Abdullah Push the Panic Button?

This morning, Jordan's King Abdullah replaced his Prime Minister.

This move comes amid protests of rising food prices in the Hashemite Kingdom, the same grievances which have plagued both Tunisia and Egypt. The $64.37 question is whether King Abdullah has nipped unrest in the bud or if he has rashly pressed the panic button? If it is the latter it might very well serve only to intensify protests as has been the case in Tunisia and Egypt.

As with Tunisia and Egypt, Jordanians should be able to improve their lot in life and determine their own destiny. We must wonder though if Jordanians will soon call for the ouster of King Abdullah. Should Abdullah be ousted with what and whom will he be replaced?

Although the situation in Jordan has not escalated to the level it has in Egypt, I am certain Israel is surely as uneasy with the developments in Jordan as it is in Egypt. The prospect of renewed hostilities with both Egypt and Jordan at a time when the regime in Iran is bent on Israel's destruction (along with Syria and Hezbollah controlled Lebanon) and not to mention its ongoing troubles with Hamas in Gaza could result in the worst crisis in Israel's six plus decades.

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