Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egyptian Anti-Semitism

It seems that John Guardiano doesn't take kindly to me drawing attention to the anti-Semitic imagery being put to use by some of the protesters in Egypt:

Aaron Goldstein discovers some examples of anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiment amid the hundreds of thousands of Egyptian protesters and declares that, voilĂ ! -- the protesters "hold Israel responsible for their lot in life under Mubarak."

Well, here's what I actually wrote, "If Egyptian protesters consider Mubarak a tool of Israel is it really a stretch that to think these protesters hold Israel responsible for their lot in life under Mubarak?"

I am simply asking a question. As someone who is vocally supporting this movement in Egypt, Guardiano should be all for asking questions. If some of the Egyptian protesters have no qualms about the use of anti-Semitic imagery then why is it so unreasonable to ask about the public manifestation of these attitudes? I don't know why Guardiano is so troubled by this question.

Alas, Guardiano is content to dismiss the anti-Semitism of some of the protesters. Why? Because The New York Times says so. OK, maybe Nicholas Kristof saw only one anti-Semitic sign. Well, he can take a look at these others. Somehow I find it hard to believe there aren't more where those came from.

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