Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Egyptian Protesters Called Logan "Jew! Jew!"

When I wrote about the heinous sexual assault on Lara Logan yesterday I was not aware that her attackers were calling her "Jew! Jew!"

The fact that Logan is not Jewish only reinforces how deeply saturated anti-Semitism is in Egypt but demonstrates how little it takes for this ancient hatred to show its face even in the midst of jubilation. There are those who are content to downplay the manifestations of this behavior or dismiss its prevalence in Egyptian society. So be it. I cannot stop people from putting their heads in the sand.

As I have written here previously anti-Semitism was a part of Egyptian life under Mubarak and his regime most certainly tolerated it. But with Mubarak gone I think we will see anti-Semitism take a far more violent form as was the case with Logan. And with even Egyptian liberals like Ayman Nour calling for an end to the peace treaty with Israel he has effectively given the broadest possible legitimacy to these acts of barbarism. I'm afraid this is only the beginning.

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New Buffalo MI fishing said...

The premeditated rape and brutalization of Ms. Logan as manifested by these Muslim bastards was pure terrorism endorsed and sanctioned by Islamic core teachings and doctrine. It was not just an isolated attack on Ms. Logan, it was a terrorist attack intended to send and instill a message of fear to all Kafir women in order to demonstrate Islamic control, dominance, and total subjugation. Muhammad's favorite sex slave was a white woman, and since Muslim men choose to emulate Muhammad in his words and deeds, Ms. Logan was unfortunately, in their twisted and sick way of thinking, the logical "target of opportunity." Deepest sympathy and prayers go out to Ms. Logan and her family. As to the Muslim bastards who did this to her, they should be hunted down like the criminals that they are...plain and simple.