Friday, February 18, 2011

Schlussel Jumps the Gun

Yesterday, Debbie Schlussel took The American Spectator to task for jumping the shark.

The focus of most of Schlussel's criticism was John Guardiano particularly with regard to his claim that 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted by "pro-Mubarak thugs."

Schlussel might be of the opinion that The American Spectator has jumped the shark. But then Schlussel proceeds to jump the gun when she sets her sights on yours truly:

As his proof that the 200 Muslims who attacked Logan were operatives of Mubarak, Guardiano cites some Kapo token Spectator Jew, Aaron Goldstein. Goldstein's "proof" that the attackers were Mubarak "thugs masquerading as protesters"? Well, he links to the terse CBS statement announcing the assault-a statement which says no such thing, doesn't mention Mubarak, and says absolutely nothing he claims.

If Ms. Schlussel is going to refer to me as "some Kapo token Spectator Jew" then she should do me the courtesy of actually reading what I have written. Not only have I not asserted that the thugs who attacked Logan were pro-Mubarak but I criticized Guardiano when he claimed they were. I also criticized Guardiano when he suggested pro-Mubarak forces produced anti-Semitic signs seen during the protests.

If Schlussel read The American Spectator with a little more diligence she would know that Guardiano and I have had quite a disagreement over what has transpired in Egypt. Guardiano has also been at odds with the likes of Ben Stein, Jed Babbin and Jim Antle here at The American Spectator as well.

As for me, if Schlussel so chooses she can find all my blog posts on Egypt here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here plus my posts concerning Logan here, here, here and here. And while she's at it she can also read my last three weekly articles here, here and here. Schlussel should then come to the unmistakable conclusion that I am not one who lectures his readers "from the Koran and the writings of Nicholas Kristof and Thomas Friedman."

And with that I trust Schlussel will correct the record.

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