Monday, February 21, 2011

Goldstein & Guardiano Unite Against Schlussel

Over the past several months, John Guardiano and I have had substantial disagreements over the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell as well as the political upheaval in Egypt.

Under normal circumstances, Guardiano and I would probably disagree on the time of day or if the sun was shining.

Then without warning came a Debbie Schlussel who has united us into the temporary, if awkward position of agreement. Last Thursday, Schlussel lambasted The American Spectator specifically over John's blog posts on the Lara Logan attack. But she also took me to task for a position that doesn't represent my point of view. Schlussel asserted that I made the claim that the thugs who attacked Logan were somehow linked to Mubarak. I have made no such claim and, in fact, it is yet another thing over which Guardiano and I have been in disagreement. Yet Schlussel's ignorance did not stop her from describing me as "a Kapo token Spectator Jew."

The following day I responded to Schlussel and said she ought to have the courtesy to actually read my posts before likening me to the Jews who were given administrative positions in Nazi concentration camps. I also indicated that I trusted she would correct the record. (As of this writing she has not done so.)

Yesterday Guardiano put forth his reply. Guardiano aptly titles his post, "Who is Debbie Schlussel?"

I am sure Guardiano and I will soon spar over something else. But it's nice to agree on something for a change.

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