Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Carter Claims Israel Has 150 Nuclear Weapons; Says Israel is "Starving" Palestinians

While attending the Hays Literary Festival in Wales, Jimmy Carter claimed Israel has 150 nuclear weapons. Carter was answering a question concerning a nuclear Iran. Carter replied by stating that the United States and Russia (which he referred to as the Soviet Union) have 12,000 nuclear weapons, Britain and France have several hundred and Israel 150. Of course, Israel has never confirmed or denied having nuclear weapons and is not a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Carter said, "We have a phalanx of enormous capabilities, not only of weaponry but also of rockets to deliver every one of those missiles on a pinpoint accuracy target."

Yet Carter fails to mention the other countries in question haven't declared their intent to wipe out other countries off the map hence the concern about Iran vis a vis Israel. But Carter doesn't care a wit about Israel. Carter also said, "One of the greatest human rights crimes on earth is the starvation and imprisonment of 1.6 million Palestinians." 1.6 million Palestinians are being "starved" and "imprisoned"? Evidence please. But don't expect any. Carter is nothing more than a tool for Iran.

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