Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lebanese Minister: Hezbollah "Turning Weapons They Are Supposed To Be Using Against The Israelis Against Lebanese Citizens"

I read an interview on Speigel Online with Nayla Moawad, Lebanon's Minister of Social Affairs. (www.speigel.de/international/world/0,1518,552990,00.html) She is a Maronite Christian who is the widow of former Lebanese Prime Minister René Moawad (who was assassinated in 1989, most likely by the Syrians). Moawad denounced Hezbollah because of its desire "to force its ideology on Lebanon." She went on to describe its ideology as "extremist", "theocratic"and that it "comes from Iran." Moawad added that Iran sought to "dominate the whole Arab world." But when Moawad was asked about Lebanese governmental support of Hezbollah against Israel, she replied:

All Lebanese were proud of Hezbollah's resistance against Israel. But now Hezbollah's mask has been removed. They are just a typical militia, because they're turning the weapons they are supposed to be using against the Israelis against Lebanese citizens.

So Hezbollah is supposed to use its weapons against the Israelis? I guess Moawad is OK with Hezbollah murdering Israeli civilians. It is only when Hezbollah turns on her fellow Lebanese that she finds their ideology to be abhorrent. And remember that Moawad is part of a government that is pro-Western and that we're supporting. Believe me, I don't like Lebanon under the clutches of Iran or Syria. But with friends like these....

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