Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fox series "Bad Dads" featuring tracking down "Deadbeat Dads" should be boycotted

The idea almost seems ok at first, a reality TV series focusing on hunting down rich men who owe child support money to the penniless mothers of their children. But when you stop and think about it, it's a terrible idea, because conceptually it lumps all dads behind in child support as deadbeat dads. Child support is a flawed law to begin with. Presenting this rosy one-sided picture of child support enforcement is cruel to those fathers whose lives have been devastated and destroyed by it. Who doesn't know a father who has suffered bankruptcy, depression, and other ill effects from the battles over child support and custody. Not all fathers are rich and mothers are poor, many times it's the opposite. Yet the law doesn't take this into account; once a father gets behind more than a few months in child support, a warrant is issued for his arrest. Even if he is poor. Fox should be ashamed and the show needs to be pulled. What about a show featuring fathers who discover the mothers of their children are really making more money than they admit, and are spending their child support money on non-necessities such as breast implants?

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