Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay Marriage in California

The only thing I can say about yesterday's California Supreme Court ruling concerning gay marriage is that I live in Massachusetts. Gay marriage has been the law of the land in the Bay State for 4½ years and the sky has not fallen. One this one, I think we ought to live and let live.


Anonymous said...

It certainly seems that we should live and let live. I've lived most of my life as an agnostic conservative, so on this particular issue I see no, well, let's be frank: issue. Gay marriage will not affect straight marriage in any way. Let's turn our attention more to the murder of thousands of innocent children a day under the guise of "choice", and away from whatever social deviants want to do with each other.

Lisha said...

Mr. Goldstein,
The first few cancer cells in an organism have no perceptible effect. But, eventually, the effect on the host is obvious and horrific. You have no moral foundation to base your observation on. Redefining marriage as anything beyond one man and one woman is one of the methods capable of destroying this Republic.
Ron Hunnicutt

Lisha said...

For Anonymous - I hear live and let live a lot. But, the homosexual agendas in California are completely rampant. There is a pro-homosexual group in every High School committed to turning vulnerable young kids into homosexuals or at least bisexuals. Sheila Kuehl submits gay rights legislation in the California Senate about every 3.2 seconds. Part of their agenda is to indoctrinate every student K-12 on alternative lifestyles and they have made considerable progress. And of course, they are redefining marriage. So, its hardly live and let live. They are cramming all of this perversion down our throats, in our ears, up our noses and up our collective basses at a machine gun rate. It all has to be stopped. And I agree with you on pro-choice - up past 43 million now. It is a silent holocaust almost beyond imagination. Rampant abortion is also quite capable of ruining this republic.

Byrd Finch said...

Traditional marriage is as much for the benefit of future generations as it is for those making the commitment of matrimony. The most vital cultural stabilizer, Marriage serves our culture's continuity and should remain exalted and special for that reason alone.

When gays can procreate with each other naturally, and thus earn a legitimate heritage stake in the well-being future generations, I will have no problem with them getting married.

Until then, they do not have standing to even ask for permission to marry, much less a "right" to sharing in our culture's most seminal tradition.