Friday, May 16, 2008

Zimbabwe to Vote on June 27th

The Zimbabwean Government has announced the runoff election between President Mugabe and MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai will take place on June 27th. Nearly three months will have passed since the first round of voting which saw the MDC win a majority in parliament. It took more than a month for the presidential results to be released by Tsvangirai has the lead. However, his supporters have been subject to intimidation and violence since the first ballot. Tsvangirai has been out of the country for most of this period but plans to return to Zimbabwe tomorrow. As I have said before I only hope Mugabe doesn't do to Tsvangirai what Marcos did to Aquino when he tried to return to the Phillipines from exile in the United States nearly a quarter century ago. If something happens to Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe will go up in flames.

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