Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obama Wins Big in NC; Hillary Narrowly Wins Indiana

Things were looking good for Hillary Clinton after her interview with O'Reilly or so I thought. I don't think anyone is surprised with Obama's victory in North Carolina although I don't think anyone expected he would win by nearly 15%. Hillary needed a Pennsylvania like victory in Indiana and didn't get it. I thought Obama might benefit in Indiana given its proximity to Illinois. Well, not enough for him to win but enough for lots of folks, including former Democratic Presidential candidate George McGovern, to call on her to bow out. Hillary's victory in Indiana was a victory in name only. Hillary had cancelled all media appearances this morning but is set to address supporters in West Virginia shortly. The West Virginia Primary is scheduled for May 13th and it is a Primary she is expected to win. But does it matter at this point? She can either soldier on and pray for a miracle or hope for a McCain victory so she can run again in 2012. If Obama can survive Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers for all intents and purposes we can soon start calling this the McCain-Obama race.

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