Friday, May 2, 2008

O'Reilly Interview with Hillary, Part Two

This portion of the conversation focussed largely on the War on Terror with our conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and the role Iran and Pakistan are playing in them. While Hillary acknowledged that Iran developing a nuclear weapon would be "unbelievably bad" she also insisted there was "no military solution in Iraq" and that our forces had done all we could there. I am surprised that O'Reilly didn't challenge Hillary on her "willful suspension of disbelief" comment to General Petraeus in the fall concerning the surge. The surge has worked and O'Reilly ought to have challenged her on that assertion. But Hillary's argument to end the war in Iraq to win it in Afghanistan and willingness to work with the new government in Pakistan might appeal to an electorate weary about Iraq. While I also disagree with her position on sanctuary cities I do admire her for telling O'Reilly what he didn't want to hear. Better to know where you stand than have someone pander to you and then do something else altogether. Again, I have no intention of voting for her. But this is probably the best thing she's done the whole campaign. She did it knowing she had everything to gain and almost nothing to lose. She rose to the occasion. The race is still Obama's to lose and it's very likely he won't. But now she's making him sweat bullets. Hillary didn't expect to be in a battle for the Democratic nomination. Now she's adapted. Even if she loses, she might wound Obama enough to give McCain a victory in November.

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