Monday, May 11, 2009

Gibbs Takes Sykes to Task for Limbaugh/bin Laden Joke

I am not a fan of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs but I'll give him credit where credit is due.

While it did appear that President Obama was amused by Sykes joke likening Rush Limbaugh to Osama bin Laden at the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend, Gibbs was not amused at today's White House Press Briefing. Gibbs remarked, "I think there are a lot of topics that are better left for serious reflection rather than comedy. I think there's no doubt 9/11 is part of that.”

I don't think Gibbs would make such a statement unless either Obama told him he didn't like the joke (which he stated he hadn't) or if it was communicated by someone close to Obama that he ought to comment on the matter.

Now if only Gibbs would say a kind word about Carrie Prejean.

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