Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Plot to Bomb Two Bronx Synagogues Thwarted

The FBI has arrested four Muslim men for allegedly plotting to bomb two synagogues in the Riverdale section of the Bronx.

The men are also alleged to have plotted to shoot down military airplanes at an Air National Guard base in nearby Newburgh, New York.

This one kind of hits home for me. I interviewed for a position at the Riverdale Temple back in 2003.

Make no mistake. Muslims who engage in acts of terror are motivated by hatred of Jews. Lest we forget the Chabad House in Mumbai.

Fortunately, the FBI was step ahead here.

But for the grace of G-d.

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Kwelos said...

As well as our importing trouble in the form of Muslim immigrants, Islam in the West has become a magnet for home-grown psychopaths, predators and perverts.

Since the Koran sanctions attacking, raping and plundering the infidels, criminals of all descriptions are eager to convert so they can get divine justification for their activities.

See links under Criminality and Predators, Plunderers and Parasites at the Religion of Peace™ Subject Index.