Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scenes From The Socialist Republic of Jamaica Plain

I live in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, a neighborhood in Boston.

J.P. as it is called is a nice neighborhood. But like most neighborhoods in this area a very left-wing one.

On the first Saturday of every May since 1979 there has been an event called the Wake Up The Earth Festival. The festival came about after the defeat of the proposed extension of the I-95 through a number of Boston neighborhoods including J.P. and Roxbury.

It is probably a good thing there was no highway extension and it is also nice for people to have a festive time on a nice Saturday afternoon.

However, it wouldn't be the Wake Up The Earth Festival without the obligatory "People Not Profits" banner and "Free Leonard Peltier" stickers.

I think this picture might give you some indication of what you are likely to experience if you visit J.P. on the first Saturday of May.

There was plenty of food. But no bombs. Thus Food Not Bombs.

But there are other people who prefer different things over bombs.

Curiously, I did not see any affection for President Obama in my travels.

But for better or for worse it is my neighborhood.

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