Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kim Jong-Il Is Mocking Obama

No sooner than the North Koreans detonate an underground nuclear explosion the size of Hiroshima than they test launch two short range missiles.

Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, claims North Korea "will pay a price for their action."

More like we'll be the ones paying the price whether in the form of food or money.

North Korea is doing what it wants, when it wants and nobody is going to do a damn thing to stop them. Kim Jong-Il is mocking President Obama because he can.


Anonymous said...

Even worse, there's more to it than that. North Korea and Iran are both nuclear wannabes who have no interest or concern in regional security. Both wouldn't hesitate to sell or give nuclear technology to anyone willing to buy or advance their radical agendas.

The two remaining states of the axis of evil are spinning out of control.

Richardson said...

North Korea's recent actions don't have much to do with the U.S. - they are more geared towards internal issues. North Korea is not trying to get the U.S. to engage, either; the U.S. offered and North Korea tested a nuke.