Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Israel Offers To Talk To Syria Without Precondition

President Obama must have really spooked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Scarcely 48 hours after visiting the White House, Netanyahu said he was willing to talk "with the Syrians....without preconditions."

So in order for the Obama Administration to help him with Iran not only does Netanyahu have to bring about a Palestinian state he has to talk with Syria as well.

Now Israel and Syria have talked indirectly in the past. They did so as recently as last year through Turkey.

I find this troubling. It is one thing for Israel to talk to Syria but it is clearly will not be doing so under its own terms. Bibi can say goodbye to the Golan Heights.

By the time Obama finishes his term there will be a whole lot less Israel. Yet somehow I don't think Israel will be any less hated.

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