Monday, May 18, 2009

Obama Claims No Diplomacy Has Been Tried With Iran

I was just watching President Obama take questions after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed him at the White House.

A reporter (I believe Israeli) asked him what if engagement with Iran didn't work. Obama gave one of his standard long winded answers and said that diplomacy had never been tried with Iran.

What exactly does Obama call the efforts of the EU-3 (namely Great Britain, France and Germany) to end Iran's nuclear program?

Scarcely three weeks after Obama's election, Simon Smith, British Ambassador to the IAEA, accused Iran of "utter disrespect" and blasted it for "its unmitigated record of refusal to co-operate."

What makes Obama think Iran is going to be any more co-operative with the United States than it is with Europe unless it is willing to use force? But the last thing Obama wants is to harm a hair on Ahmadinejad's pretty little head.

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