Sunday, May 10, 2009

If MLB Uses Pink Bats on Mother's Day....

My Dad keeps pestering me to bring this up so I will.

If you watch MLB on Mother's Day you might notice that pink bats are used to raise awareness about breast cancer and the bats are then auctioned off to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. There are also pink ribbons and pink wristbands worn by all players, coaches and ground crews.

There is a similar initiative on Father's Day where blue ribbons, blue wristbands and blue eye glare are used to raise awareness of prostate cancer in conjunction with the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

My father asks the question, "If MLB uses pink bats on Mother's Day then why not use blue balls on Father's Day?"

All guffaws aside if you think about it for a moment it makes sense. If MLB can raise money for breast cancer by auctioning off pink bats why can't they raise money for prostate cancer by auctioning of blue baseballs?

It is an idea worth pitching.

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Anderson said...

If network news anchors can get away with saying that the Tea Party protestors were "tea-bagging" then there is no reason why blue balls should be a problem.