Sunday, May 17, 2009

Magic Make Celtics Disappear

The Boston Celtics will not make it two NBA championships in a row.

The Orlando Magic defeated the Celtics 101-82 in Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi-Final tonight at the Garden.

The Magic will face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Eastern Conference Final. I can't see the Magic getting past LeBron James and the Cavs though.

The NBA Western Conference Final will see the Los Angeles Lakers face the Denver Nuggets. I'm glad the Nuggets beat the Dallas Mavericks. If the Mavs had won I would have to root for the Lakers. I'll take Kobe Bryant over Mark Cuban any day. However, I'm glad I wasn't forced to make that choice.

I see the Cavs and Lakers in the NBA Final.

With both the Bruins and Celtics eliminated from the playoffs now Boston fans can give the Red Sox their undivided attention. I'll be going to Fenway for the first time this season on Thursday.

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