Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daniel Hannan vs. David Cameron

Daniel Hannan, a Conservative Member of the European Parliament, who became a YouTube sensation after he delivered a short speech in which he lambasted the economic policies of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has now set his sights on Conservative Party leader David Cameron.

Hannan has resigned as the Conservative Party's Legal Affairs spokesman in the European Parliament. He did so after Cameron announced he would not hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty for at least four to five years after a Conservative government was elected in Britain.

While Hannan was quick to say that Cameron would be "a million times better" as Prime Minister than Brown this should give pause to those hoping for a Tory victory in Britain. To employ an oversued cliché this isn't your father's Conservative Party. One must wonder if there would be any discernible difference between a Labour and a Tory government especially in a Britain that is subservient to Europe. Granted British subservience to Europe has been happening for some time now. But given there's a significant segment of the population in Britain that does not wish to live in a federalized Europe their ought to be a direct vote on the matter.

If Cameron does not reconsider his decision he might very well have a full scale revolt on his hands. This is precisely what he doesn't want in lieu of the fact the Tories have a 17 point lead on Labour in a recent poll. So why snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Anyone who thinks there is a civil war amongst Republicans has nothing on Britain's Conservatives.

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