Monday, November 30, 2009

Swiss Aren't Neutral on Muslim Call to Prayer

Yesterday, the people of Switzerland voted to amend their constitution to ban the construction of minarets. 57.5% of the Swiss electorate voted in favor of the amendment.

Minarets are towers found on mosques from which the call to prayer is announced.

How long will it be before the Swiss flag is burned on the streets of Cairo?

I have mixed feelings about this vote.

On one hand, I am tired of the terror committed in the name of Islam. These acts of terror are often encouraged during prayer by Imams. I am tired of the Muslim community making excuses for terror. I am also concerned that Muslims want to supplant Western law with Sharia law. On these grounds, I identify with the frustrations of the Swiss.

On the other hand, I am not sure what this measure accomplishes. Will Muslims leave Switzerland? Not likely. Moreover, what would prevent other jurisdictions from issuing bans or passing ordinances against the ringing of church bells? Or for that matter the construction of synagogues?

There's every indication the European Court of Human Rights will overturn the measure

There are better ways to address the Islamization of the West. I think it is better to speak out against Muslim attitudes towards the West than it is to ban their architecture.

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Canada said...

A while ago I saw a story on how the Saudis were celebrating the conversion of 200 Chinese to Islam. Shame on Switzerland! White Northern Europeans could learn something about accepting other's cultures from the rich arab states.