Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thoughts on Veterans Day 2009 & Beyond

On Veterans Day, we honor the service of soldiers who have lost their lives in war. We honor our veterans who lost their lives protecting this country in WWI, WWII, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Gulf War, The War in Afghanistan and The War in Iraq. What all of those veterans have in common is that they lost their lives on foreign soil.

The terrorist attack at Fort Hood gives Veterans Day in 2009 and beyond an added significance. For the first time we will also be honoring soldiers lost their lives on American soil. Their lives were lost at the hands of a fellow soldier who attacked them in solidarity with al Qaeda which has been officially at war with America now for more than 13 years.

Unfortunately, there are many in this country who do not see it this way. They see the events of Fort Hood as an indictment of our presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. At best, they see the events of Fort Hood at best as the act of a deranged nut. At worst, they see it as an opportunity place the blame on a psychological disorder that does not exist.

Only time will tell if this country will properly remember the 12 soldiers and one civilian killed at Fort Hood. But I cannot be encouraged if President Obama is unprepared to explicitly call this a terrorist act. I also cannot be encouraged if General Casey insists the U.S. military promotes diversity in such a way as to compromise the ability of our soldiers to protect themselves let alone to protect this country.

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