Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Wild & Liberal Guys to Host The Oscars

Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will be co-hosting the 82nd Academy Awards which will air on ABC on March 7, 2010.

Baldwin is well known for his ardent liberalism. Martin not so much. But make no mistake his liberalism is every bit as strident as Baldwin's. I remember when he hosted SNL in February shortly after Obama took office. Unfortunately, I can't find any video but he praised Obama as someone in the White House who could speak the English language. The run of the mill Hollywood condescension against George W. Bush. I haven't found Steve Martin funny in years. Butchering The Pink Panther does little to dissuade this opinion.

I would have rather had someone like Neil Patrick Harris who hosted the Emmys in September. Hugh Jackman, who hosted the 81st Academy Awards, would have also been preferable.

But instead we have to put up with two wild and liberal guys.

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