Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Further Thoughts on The Prisoner

The concluding episodes of The Prisoner mini-series aired last night on AMC.

My review was posted on the IC main site yesterday.

So I guess six is the one after all. But it appears that Number Six is also the New Number Two.

But if Number Six is both Number One and Number Two then who is the new Number Six?

Or perhaps they'll just call him Number Six of One.

I liked the performances of several of the supporting actors particularly Ruth Wilson as Number 313. What an expressive face!!! Her long flowing red locks didn't hurt either. Lennie James as Number 147 and Jamie Campbell Bower as Number 1112 (Number 2's son) were also very impressive. Sir Ian McKellen was good as Number 2 but I think I would have liked Malcolm McDowell in the role better. Besides Bower actually has a passing resemblance to McDowell.

Yet Jim Cavaziel's portrayal of Number Six was so lacklustre that I could see why Patrick McGoohan would have wanted nothing to do with the new series. Although the remake of The Prisoner had its moments in some ways I am glad McGoohan didn't live to see it because I don't think he would have cared much for it.

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Anonymous said...

Two tried to convince Six to become One (hence the chanting), but someone else stepped in at the last moment and volunteered before Six could make up his mind (leaving Six free to take Two's place instead).