Monday, November 9, 2009

Palestinians Mock the Meaning of The Berlin Wall

A group of Palestinians broke apart a section of Israel's separation fence along the West Bank today in commemoration of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, the chief organizer of this act of hooliganism, states:

This is the beginning of the activities, which we do, to express our hold on our land, and our refusal to this wall - the wall of torture, the wall of humiliation.

The tendency towards self pity and a lack of personal responsibility in Palestinians never ceases to amaze me. So let's get things straight.

The Berlin Wall kept East Germans in. Israel's separation fence keeps Palestinian terrorists out.

It's funny how the Palestinians never speak of going into Israel and blowing themselves up on buses and then setting off another suicide bomb when the EMTs come to help the wounded.

The Palestinians who think they are comemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall are only mocking it and those who died trying to escape totalitarianism in East Germany. There is no common ground between them.

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Kyle said...

Not entirely true. The wall may keep Palestinians out of Israel, but it also keeps them *in* Palestine. They are not free to travel, and are blocked from family, resources, the world economy, freedom... While the wall may different in that it is maintained by an external force instead of an internal one, it is just as restricting as the Berlin wall. --

Israel can argue the wall is security against terrorism, but the terrorism is only a result of an oppressive situation they created. They fight terrorism with terrorism (e.g., the Gaze invasion).