Sunday, January 25, 2009

60 Minutes Bashes Israeli Settlers

When I saw that Bob Simon would be doing a story about Israelis and Palestinians on 60 Minutes I thought to myself, "Oh, great."

In April 2008, Simon did a profile of Israeli fighter pilots. When he interviewed one of them, Simon said, "You don't look a like a killer." ( Would Simon have said that to a U.S. fighter pilot? Would he have said that to John McCain?

Tonight was far worse. In a story titled, "Is Peace Out of Reach?" Simon says that peace between Israelis and Palestinians was out of reach "even before Israel invaded Gaza." ( Excuse me? Gee, I thought peace was a little out of reach when Hamas sent thousands of rockets into Israel from Gaza.

The premise of Simon's piece was that if only Jews dismantled settlements in the West Bank all would be well. The settlements are nothing but a red herring. Always have been and always will be. Palestinians and for that matter with the Muslim world don't object to Israeli settlements they object to Israel's very existence. They view Israel as one big settlement.

Simon briefly spoke with Tzipi Livni who if elected Prime Minister next month vows to evacuate all West Bank settlements. Let's say for argument's sake that Livni is elected and carries out that promise. Does anyone think the evacuation of all settlements in the West Bank will placate the Palestinians for a solitary second? The Palestinians will find something else to object. If withdrawing from Gaza and dismantling settlements there didn't stop violence against Israel what makes anyone think that full withdrawal from the West Bank and dismantling settlements there will be any different? Does anyone honestly believe the dismantlement of Jewish settlements will stop Palestinians from wanting to destroy Israel?

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