Thursday, January 8, 2009

Disgusting Plan B abortion ads on TV

The prevalence of pro-abortion ads on TV pushing Plan B at women who have risky sex is nauseating. The ads aren't honest because they never tell the viewer that the pill is an abortifacient, it's presented and described as if it is not any different than standard birth control pills. So women who are persuaded to take Plan B may be aborting their own sons and daughters without knowing they are. Plan B is taken the day after sex, and it works by either preventing an egg and a sperm from joining, or, if they already have combined, from implanting on the uterus wall. The latter is an abortion, because without the supervening action of the Plan B pill, the fertilized egg would continue growing.

If the abortion industry was honest about the "medical" procedure they are providing, they would want women to be fully informed about what is happening to their bodies, not hide it. The truth is that they are making a fortune off selling abortions and if women were fully informed that they were killing their babies, the abortion mills would lose a lot of their profits.

It might be worth it to start boycotting stations like E-TV that are running Plan B commercials. It is painful to watch that station without having to be constantly reminded of babies being aborted.

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