Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feminists at the Inauguration Praising Themselves for Being Women

Emily's List, the feminist organization whose sole purpose is to get pro-abortion women elected to Congress, hosted a segment of the inauguration today featuring speeches by its stars. The theme was praising women for being women. (the listener is thinking, and???)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi started it off with a ditzy speech. She congratulated Janet Napolitano for becoming "Secretary of State" (Napolitano has been nominated for Secretary of Homeland Security) and congratulated Ann Kirkpatrick for being reelected to Congress (Kirkpatrick was elected for the first time to Congress this fall).

The gist of Pelosi's speech was to celebrate the fact that women have overcome barriers to public office. It sounded silly considering the first woman was elected to Congress in *1916,* and 249 women have been elected to Congress. Women made advancements a long time ago yet feminists still have no theme but celebrating this. Contrast this with a Republican Women's meeting, which would never go on ad nauseum about how wonderful it is that women are in office. They're not living in the past and obsessed with their gender.

Janet Napolitano gave a dull speech congratulating herself for being the first female Attorney General in Arizona, and the first woman to head the National Governor's Association. So? Women have been gradually getting into public leadership since 1916. Napolitano didn't do anything special to get there, it was inevitable.

The leadership of Emily's List who spoke were typical white women. Feminist leadership is always composed of white women but they overlook that when they accuse Republicans of being the party of white men, which isn't accurate considering men and women are very closely divided between parties. They bragged about getting pro-abortion women elected. It is really disturbing that the #1 goal of that organization is electing pro-abortion women. Why is aborting babies their #1 goal in politics?

Listening to their underachieving biographies, it became apparent why feminists are so angry. Too many of them got where they're at based on some kind of affirmative action - the left promoted and paid for these women to rise in the ranks, solely on the basis of their being women. Contrast this with being a woman in the GOP - female Republican leaders aren't angry because they know they got where they are based on merit.

Former Governor of New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen spoke next. After she lost to Sunnunu in a race for U.S. Senate, she got a job teaching at Harvard. Can you imagine J.D. Hayworth being offered a job teaching at Harvard after losing his Congressional reelection bid? Of course not. Fortunately there are still some democratic processes out there, namely talk radio, where the average American has a say, so conservatives aren't shut out.

Shaheen came across as a man-hater. She said she got lost in the Senate building because it was designed by men. Blame men instead of her own cluelessness. She snidely said she makes her security detail carry her purse. If these kinds of remarks had been directed the other way, a leading male Senator were to say misogynist remarks about women, it would be a huge scandal. Instead, these comments won't even make the newspapers.

Sen. Kay Hagen, who beat Elizabeth Dole for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, continued the trend of complaining about men. Her beef was that the swimming pool in the Congressional gym was only set up for men, not women. If this is invidious discrimination, then why haven't her feminist friends (who have been in Congress since 1916) gotten it corrected over the years? Most likely, there haven't been any women yet expressing an interest in using it. This is the kind of discrimination feminists are spending our time and money complaining about? Embarrassing.

Hillary Clinton showed up late and lectured everyone in her monotone, schoolmarm voice. She looked like a man with her androgynous hairstyle, which was was amusing considering feminists make such an issue of and get so confused about whether they should look and dress like men, or whether they should emphasize their gender differences. Hillary blandly listed off the appalling ways women are treated around the world, but it was hard to believe she really cares that much considering she supports aborting 1.5 million babies in the U.S. each year, over half of which are female, many aborted solely because they are female ( the mother wanted a boy). One got the feeling from her cold delivery that the reason she is so concerned about the status of women overseas is because of an internal hostility towards men. Hillary got where she is today by riding her husband's charismatic coattails, and resents it, having to put up with all of his public cheating to get there. So she is going to make men pay.

If this is the best feminists have to offer, we can expect more and more men to defect to the GOP.

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