Saturday, January 3, 2009

AFP Bashes Israel

I have just read an article from Agence France Presse with this headline: Israeli assault on Gaza enters 2nd week with no end in sight. (|Umh-aoCQsDVASvimQ)

Yes, all was well in Gaza until Israel began an unprovoked assault on civilians.

This is what the article would have you believe:

Children continued to fall victim to Israel's assault on Hamas in one of the world's most densely-populated areas.

So Israel is deliberately murdering children? Never mind that Hamas terrorists embed themselves amongst civilians. But that doesn't enter into the AFP's thinking.

How can it when they use phrases like annexed east Jerusalem?

The article concludes with this sentence, "The offensive has sparked angry protests in the Muslim world and elsewhere across the globe and defied diplomatic efforts to broker a truce."

Defied diplomatic efforts to broker a truce?
What diplomatic efforts? Egypt brokered a six month ceasefire between Israel and Hamas last summer. Every day of this "ceasefire" rockets were launched into Israel from Gaza with the blessing of Hamas. It was Hamas who formally broke off the ceasefire. Rockets continued to be fired into Israel and Israel hit back.

The only reason Hamas exists is to destroy the State of Israel. It never ceases to amaze me how it is asserted Israel has the right to defend itself provided only that it does not defend itself.

President Bush has put the pressure squarely on the shoulders of Hamas. In two and a half weeks time, President Obama would be wise to keep it there.

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