Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Lingering Grievance Against Israel

I read Ivan Eland's article, "Is Israeli Policy Crazy?" which was posted on IC this morning.

The tagline is, "Israel doesn't seem to understand that superior power doesn't buy security as long as the adversary's grievance lingers."

The problem with Mr. Eland's premise is that the grievance of Israel's adversaries (not merely limited to Hamas) is Israel itself.

Nothing Israel says or does will mollify its adversaries. They can withdraw from so-called occupied territory. They can dismantle settlements. They can divide Jerusalem. It will not matter one wit. So long as Israel exists in any form there will be a "grievance" against it.

I'm also not sure where Mr. Eland gets his information. Mr. Eland implores Israel "to put aside hatred of Arabs and solve the underlying grievance." I don't seem to recall when Israeli textbooks referred to Arabs as "apes and monkeys" or when Israeli TV airs music videos imploring Israelis to kill Arabs. Yet in the cavernous recesses of Mr. Eland's mind it is Israel that seethes with hatred. A hatred that can only be excised if it commits suicide.

Mr. Eland, I think the UN is calling for you.

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