Tuesday, January 13, 2009

#dontgo: Oppose the Generational Theft Act of 2009

from dontgomovement.com -

In recent months, Barack Obama has adopted the term “shovel-ready” to describe easily implementable programs he intends to use to stimulate the Economy. Some even sound pretty good! He’s talking about “Tax Cuts”, for example. Insofar as they really are “Tax Cuts” and not more “lipstick on a pig” mischaracterizations of dangerous Economic Policy I’ll be happy to see them enacted.

The question, of course, is how do we know what the truth is? How can we tell if Obama is cutting taxes or merely cutting deeper into American’s paychecks? Are bail-out plans emptying water from the lifeboat or just banging on the boat’s bottom, widening the hole and scuttling her faster? The MSM, of course, is keeping Americans informed with cracker-jack economic reporting, detailed accounts of what’s been tried and what worked, voting records and running down the final destinations in the always popular “Follow the Money” game.

In spite of this, some still believe MSM coverage is more “Cracker Jacks” than cracker-jack; sounds like Economics more than it actually is Economics, and; cares only for a final stop for money consisting of their wallet! So, for you diehard Economic skeptics, the #Don’t Go Movement is excited to announce the reactiviation of one site and the launch of another, both guaranteed to shine lights into corners Government and the MSM would rather remain dark!

Speaking of lipstick on pigs, The Oink Report is back and better than ever. The Obama administration is taking up the Bush Administration’s handing out of billions of tax dollars. Americans need a trusted source to knock out bail-outs, hand-outs and stand-out examples of financial irresponsibility. The Oink Report does just that! Now, Government can’t tell you this-or-that spending is necessary or good for America, knowing no one will check. TOR highlights the worst excesses of wasteful Government spending so you can put your time to more profitable pursuits, like asking elected representatives what the heck they’re doing! Neil Boortz regularly referenced TOR and we look forward to his enthusiastic use of TOR while pointing out dirty government financial dealings. Of course, we know bloggers, talk-show hosts and (when they can’t ignore it any longer) the Press will also use the information TOR puts out.

How does one turn over the dirt exposing Government fraud, waste and abuse? With a shovel, of course. We’ll need a big one as the Federal Government proposed spending over $3 trillion dollars in fiscal 2009. Not to worry, our 2nd site, Grab A Shovel, is plenty big for the job! Dedicated to the proposition that many holes Government digs for “Shovel-Ready” programs need to be backfilled ASAP, Grab a Shovel will start filling as soon as Government construction crews are notified “break time” is over. GAS will identify wasteful Government stimulus programs. When they break ground, we’ll let taxpayers know so they can “grab a shovel” and bury bad “shovel-ready” spending by writing, calling and doing what responsible citizens do - serve as informed watchdogs and gadflies to Government.
Alternatively, they can shovel out what The Oink Report piggies produce. But that’s a mental picture for another email.

Visit The Oink Report and Grab A Shovel to discover what Government is doing with your money. Bookmark them and visit often. Tell your family and friends - after all, it’s their money, too! Most important, use the information you find to remind politicians pouring money into Government troughs and digging financial holes so deep we’ll never get out that you demand better and more fiscally responsible representation. Tell them the “without representation” in “No taxation without representation!” means “bad” representation as well as “no” representation. Tell them you’re not opposed to a little revolution now and then.

Written by Blue Collar Muse

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