Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bush and the shoe

As the internet bloggers and the drive by anti-Bush media have a field day about the shoe incident in Iraq, what is most interesting to me -- and what has not been noticed at all -- is how deftly Bush side stepped both shoes, hardly missing a beat.

In a parrallel universe, in which the media were impartial and hating Bush wasn't the national pastime of the left, Bush would be praised for his cool response and his athletic agility. But our discredited media, led by all the networks save FOX, once again has betrayed its narrow and biased view of our politics and our nation, trying to turn the shoe thrower into their own Joe the plumber. Had the shoe been on the other foot (chuckle), the media might have managed to mention that the shoe thrower would already be part of a mass grave under the regime that Bush drove from power.

Better yet, release him and let him try throwing his shoe at the terrorists in Iraq, who, after all, are the ones who truly deserve his ire and hatred. .

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