Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on MLK & Obama

A new President was going to be inaugurated the day after Martin Luther King Day in 2009 regardless of who was elected. But the fact it was Obama does understandably give this day added meaning to many in this country.

I cannot share in that sentiment. Not that Obama's election wasn't of historical significance. Being elected President of the United States is no small feat. For me though it's one thing to be elected it is quite another to actually accomplish something while in office. Martin Luther King, Jr. was never elected to any office but he accomplished more to change American life for the better than anyone last century including FDR and Reagan. He was to the 20th century was Lincoln was to the 19th. It remains to be seen what Obama will contribute to the early 21st century much less if he warrants any comparison to Lincoln or King.

Some might chastise me and say I don't want Obama to succeed. I do want Obama to succeed insofar as being able to carry out his duties protecting our populace from internal and external threats to our national security. That is the job of any President. I, however, do not want him to succeed in implementing certain policies especially those that undermine our ability to protect our populace from internal and external threats (i.e. handcuffing the CIA from carrying out interrogations or legitimizing tyrants who have been responsible for killing American soldiers.) I fear an Obama Presidency will bring such things to America and if that is his objective he must not succeed for the sake of the country.

Some see Barack Obama as the fullfilment of Martin Luther King, Jr's dream. The fullfilment of Dr. King's dream wasn't merely the achievement of power amongst people of all races but how we use that power once it has been realized. As of now, I remain unconvinced that President-elect Obama will use the power bestowed upon him with prudence and wisdom. But we shall see beginning tomorrow.

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