Friday, April 18, 2008

Carter Is With The Terrorists, Not Us

Well, today Jimmy Carter gets to fulfill his life's work by meeting with Hamas terrorist chief Khaled Meshal in Damascus. Yesterday, Carter was in Cairo speaking at American University. Aside from accusing Israel of starving Palestinians to death in Gaza, when asked if his meeting with Hamas legitimized terrorism Carter replied, "If you live in Gaza, you know that for every Israeli killed in any kind of combat, between 30 to 40 Palestinians are killed because the extreme military capability of Israel." Any kind of combat? Does Carter mean to tell us there is no difference between an Israeli soldier whose mission it is to make every effort to preserve life and a Palestinian suicide bomber whose mission it is to kill as many people as possible? All I can say is that Carter has made his choice. He is with the terrorists. He not with us. Not anymore.

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