Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Wins Pennsylvania By 10 Points

Despite being outspent 2 to 1, Hillary Clinton won a convincing 55-45 victory in last night's Pennsylvania Primary. The race is still Obama's to lose. Here are the remaining contests:

May 3 - Guam Caucuses
May 6 - Indiana Primary & North Carolina Primary
May 13 - West Virginia Primary
May 20 - Oregon Primary and Kentucky Primary
May 27 - Idaho Primary
June 1 - Puerto Rico Primary
June 3 - South Dakota Primary and Montana Primary

Obama has Guam and North Carolina in the bag. Indiana is up in the air. The Hoosier state is a lot like Ohio and Pennsylvania which would favor Hillary but it is next door to Obama's political base in Illinois. The remaining contests, if they had been held on Super Tuesday, would have favored Obama. However, given there are a lot of small towns in Kentucky, West Virginia, South Dakota and Montana his comments about people being bitter and clinging to religion and guns might end up making Obama the bitter one.

All of which means that the winner is John McCain.

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