Monday, April 7, 2008

Zimbabwean Election Officials Arrested

I have just read a very disheartening article in The Telegraph. It details the arrests of seven Zimbabwean election officials who will be charged with fraud for not counting enough votes for Robert Mugabe. ( The article quotes a police spokesman by the name of Wayne Bvudzijena. Mr. Bvudzijena states, "We're still investigating, but we have established that there was deflation of figures in respect of one candidates....the ZANU-PF candidate." Deflation of figures? Somehow, I don't think the authorities in Zimbabwe would have conducted a similar investigation for Mr. Tsvangirai and the MDC. It has been more than a week since the election and still the results have not been announced. If that wasn't bad enough, the last remaining white owned commercial farms have been seized. Although under Zimbabwean law, a runoff must be held in the next two weeks, Mugabe will likely rule by decree for the next three months before any new vote. This, my friends, is democracy in Zimbabwe.

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