Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pelosi Calls on Bush to Boycott Olympic Ceremony

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called on President Bush to boycott the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics in August. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has mused about not attending while British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said he will attend. After all, the 2012 Olympics will be in London and Brown's absence would cause a diplomatic row with Beijing. Bush has also said he will attend and I don't see him changing his mind unless China does something on a Tinnamen Square like level or if something happens to the Dalai Lama. His absence would be more disrespectful to our Olympic athletes than it would be to the Chinese. If Bush does attend it would be great if he had the Dalai Lama as his personal guest. What are the Chinese going to do? Arrest Bush? But I doubt he would do something that bold.

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