Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Feels Wronged by Wright

I saw a portion of Barack Obama's press conference where I think he put some distance between himself and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Obama said that Wright said nothing "constructive" during his appearance before the National Press Club yesterday and that he had shown disrespect and disregard to him and his campaign. Consequently, the relationship between him and Reverend Wright has "changed". I did find some of the things he said curious. For instance, when he said that he goes to church to pray not to posture politically. Well, judging by Wright's sermons methinks there was a lot more posturing than praying. Obama also said that Wright's remarks contradict the things that are said in his books. But it was Wright who inspired the books in the first place. Obama also said he remains a member at Trinity United Church. Nonetheless, it was the first time Obama put a significant amount of distance between himself and Reverend Wright. Did he throw off the albatross in time? The Indiana Primary in one week will tell us a great deal.

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