Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hillary Bows Out of Democratic Race

With the Pennsylvania Primary only three weeks away, one-time Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton shocked the political world with her withdrawal from the race only days after she declared she was in it to stay. In a tearful statement the New York Senator said, "I found my voice in New Hampshire but lost somewhere under a bridge in Lancaster. Besides Indiana doesn't want me either." Clinton had been under pressure from key Democratic figures such as Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy to withdraw from the race. She had not seen this kind of fire since Bosnia and the memories it evoked were simply too much to bear. When asked about her future plans, the Senator replied that she will embark on a lifelong dream of climbing Mount Everest. She will do so in honor of the late Sir Edmund Hillary, after whom she was named. Clinton said she would begin her ascent up Everest on February 30th.

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