Friday, April 4, 2008

Forty Years Ago Today...

Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated in Memphis. He was only 39 years old. In the four decades since his death, King has becomed one of the most beloved Americans to have ever lived. Outside of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, no American has ever been so admired. It is also quite evident in the four decades since his death no one has been able to fill his shoes. Not Jesse Jackson. Not Al Sharpton. Not Jeremiah Wright. They would have us believe America hasn't moved an inch since 1968 despite all evidence to the contrary. Barack Obama? A great orator but what has he actually done? The jury is still out on him. Martin Luther King, Jr wanted to live in a world where his children were judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Unfortunately, those who have succeeded him have failed to judge whites, Asians and Hispanics by the content of their character. African-Americans who deviate from left-wing orthodoxy have also been held in scorn. Still, Dr. King's work has stood the test of time and most Americans admire him for his commitment to racial equality, passionate writings, stirring oratory and non-violent protest.

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