Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary, Obama & McCain Appear on WWE Raw

All three presidential candidates had taped statements aired on last night's World Wrestling Entertainment's RAW program. Not surprisingly much of what all three candidates said was cheesy using outdated wrestling references. Hillary promised to deliver the People's Elbow or Obama asking, "Do you smell what Barack is cooking?" (Obama actually sounds a great deal like DeWayne "The Rock" Johnson). McCain went back even further asking, "Whatcha gonna do when John McCain and all the McCainiacs run wild on you?" He also mistakenly called this weekend's Fatal Fourway match the Fatal Four. But McCain did say, "Americans watch wrestling not because we're bitter. We watch wrestling to celebrate our freedom." I am not sure how the statements went over with the crowd in Greenville, SC but I suspect none of the candidates were well received because they muted the crowd noise when they spoke. Still, millions of people watch RAW every week (myself included) and it reaches very key demographics, especially males between 18 and 34. So all three campaigns were smart to at least attempt to reach out to this audience.

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