Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Unity Government in Zimbabwe?

Mugabe must be feeling the heat. Neighboring African governments, following the lead of their trade unionists, have refused to ship Chinese arms to Zimbabwe and the Chinese have now recalled the shipment (although I'm sure they'll find a way to ship them more surreptitiously). Governments newspapers are now broaching the idea of forming a national unity government with the MDC and other opposition groups but with Mugabe remaining in power. However, Tsvangirai rejected the proposal out of hand arguing that any government that included Mugabe was a deal breaker. The best case scenario would be if Mugabe were to surrender power and leave Zimbabwe permanently in exchange for no charges being brought against him. Of course, Mugabe should pay for his crimes carried out under his watch. But I believe the mere loss of his office would be far more punitive against Mugabe than any investigation carried out against him while remains ensconsced in power.

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