Thursday, June 5, 2008

Detroit Red Wings Win Stanley Cup

Well, at least an "original six" team won the Stanley Cup this year as opposed to previous winners from such hockey meccas as Tampa Bay, the Carolinas and Anaheim. There should be a rule that in order to qualify for an NHL franchise at least a foot of snow must fall on the ground every years. The Detroit Red Wings winning is the next best thing to a Canadian team winning which hasn't been done since the Montreal Canadiens beat the L.A. Kings 15 years ago. The Red Wings won the Cup in six games over the Pittsburgh Penguins (OK it snows there). Detroit shut out Pittsburgh in Games 1 & 2 but the Penguins put up a spirited fight. The Red Wings were seconds away from clinching on Saturday but the Penguins tied it just before the end of regulation and three overtime periods later, the Penguins forced Game 6. Last night, the Penguins scored a power play goal with a minute and a half in the game to cut the Red Wings' lead to 3-2 but it wasn't enough. This is the Red Wings' 4th Stanley Cup since 1997 and first since 2002.

However, many believe the Penguins, led by 21-year-old phenom Sidney Crosby, will become a dynasty in the way the New York Islanders and Edmontion Oilers did in the 1980s. Crosby scored a remarkable 27 points in this year's NHL playoffs. Crosby is a combination of Wayne Gretzky and Penguin great Mario Lemieux. The Penguins might have fell short this year but I suspect they won't next season.

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