Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zimbabwe Opposition Official Charged With Treason

Tendai Biti, Chairman of Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change, was arrested after returning to Zimbabwe from South Africa. Biti has been charged with treason and "communicating statements prejudicial to the state." To be exact, those statements were communicating the results of the March 29th ballot in a premature manner. For this, Biti might spend the rest of life in prison or will be executed.

To drive the message home, Morgan Tsvangirai was arrested for the third time in just over a week. He was held for a couple of hours before he was released whereupon he resumed campaigning.

With the runoff election in another 15 days methinks things are only going to get worse. But I also think the people of Zimbabwe have suffered so much they have nothing left to lose and are no longer afraid of going against Mugabe. If things don't go Mugabe's way, however, there will be a pause and then a new ugliness will be unleashed.

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