Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mugabe's Thugs Burning Women Alive

I just read a horrific article from the online edition of The Times. (

It describes how a gang of men loyal to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe were looking for a local opposition leader, Patson Chipiro. They found his wife Dadirai instead. She told them her husband wasn't around but would be back later. The men left but returned an hour later. Her husband hadn't returned. So they chopped off one of her hands and both her feet, forced her into a hut and threw in a petrol bomb. Dadirai Chipiro was burned alive.

If that wasn't enough, the local police were uncooperative with Mr. Chipiro's efforts to find out what happened to his wife until an officer with a conscience came out with the truth.

Earlier in the day, Mugabe's thugs burned alive the pregnant wife of an opposition local councillor as well as his six year old son.

Until Mugabe is stopped this will not only continue but will get worse. He can only be stopped two ways. First, from within. There would have to be a rebellion from within the ranks of ZANU-PF. But I wouldn't count on it. Second, from without. If Tsvangirai wins the June 27th, Mugabe isn't going let him become President unless Tsvangirai gets the military on his side which isn't likely. So either a a collective force from neighboring African nations will have to intervene or the British will have send down a force. But I wouldn't count on it either.

If Mugabe's thugs are willing to burn women alive then imagine what else they are willing to do to hang onto power.

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