Monday, June 30, 2008

Mugabe Living Large at African Union Summit

Well, Robert Mugabe won the runoff "election". Of course, when you force voters to dip their fingers in oil to verify that you have voted or risk having your fingers hacked off it hardly constitutes a free and fair election. The most voters could do was spoil the ballot. Fitting for an election was that spoiled.

Today, Mugabe was in Egypt for the African Union summit that treated him with kid gloves. Of course, Mugabe had pre-empted any criticism of him by stating he would simply speak of the lack of democracy amongst his fellow African heads of state. And you know what? He would have been right. He could have embarrassed Hosni Mubarak right then and there. Then again, they could have said, "Hey, at least we haven't gone from a net exporter to a net importer of food." But alas.

Unfortunately, I suspect Zimbabwe will be quickly forgotten until the next "election." In the meantime, the best the people of Zimbabwe can do now is to leave. There is nothing there for them. A meglomaniac is in charge and will be until he dies, naturally or otherwise.

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