Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mutambara Arrested, Released on Bail

I did not know that Arthur Mutambara, a prominent figure in Zimbabwe's opposition MDC, had been arrested on Sunday and charged with contempt of court and disseminating information prejudicial to the state. To be precise, Mutambara was arrested for calling the Mugabe government "illegitimate and illegal". Mutambara was released today on $20,000,000 bail (in Zimbabwean Dollars which are worthless) and must appear in court on June 17th - ten days before the election. President Bush has called Mutambara's treatment "deplorable". Mutambara's faction of the MDC won 10 seats in the March 29th election. Mutambara and Morgan Tsvangirai split over tactics in 2005 but have reunited since the March vote. Mugabe has stayed in power for as long as he has because he has been able to divide the opposition. No more.

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